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Getting a ticket dismissed can help you
save money in 3 different ways.

Keep your driving record clean.
Keeping the ticket off of your driving record keeps your insurance rates from rising.

And traffic violations accumulate as points on your driving record for three years. Too many points on your record can cost you money, and risk suspension of your license. But a ticket dismissed with a defensive driving certificate disappears from your record.

Avoid paying the fine.
Moving violations can cost a driver anywhere from $150 to $300 depending on the infraction.

Even with defensive driving, you’ll probably still have to pay the court fee — usually about $125 — but that will still be less than paying the full cost of the ticket.

Lower your auto insurance costs.
Not only can dismissing a ticket with defensive driving keep your auto insurance premiums from going up, it can even make them go down. A state-approved driving safety course can qualify you for a discount on the comprehensive portion of your insurance.

Discounts vary from insurance company to company, but the standard discount is 10% for up to 3 years.

How to dismiss your ticket

Request permission from the court to take our state approved defensive driving course.

Usually this is just a formality, but you will need the court’s approval to get the ticket dismissed BEFORE you take the class.

ComedyGuys.com provides classroom and online defensive driving classes, both taught by professional comedians. The online course is so convenient you can even take it on your iPhone, iPad, Android device, Mac or PC. Switch between devices if you want.

In some cases, you may want to hire an attorney to represent you.

In some cases an attorney can help dismiss the ticket or help if you have more than one ticket in a short period of time. If you habitually get traffic violations, we recommend LegalShield for $17.00 per month. Along with other legal services, their plan includes representation for traffic tickets.

The court may allow you to choose deferred dispensation. This means probation for a period of time…and paying the court fee and the full fine. However, the ticket doesn’t go on your record.

The easiest and cheapest alternative is to take defensive driving. You can dismiss one1 ticket within a 12 month period. You become eligible to take defensive driving on the anniversary of your completed defensive driving course (not when you got the ticket).

In some cases, you can get specific court approval to take defensive driving more than once. Having an attorney could be quite beneficial in those circumstances.

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