Defensive Driving Classes

Defensive Driving Classes Price including meal

Dismiss your ticket and lower your insurance costs all while having a meal and a few laughs.

  • Defensive Driving classes every day of the week
  • Multiple driving safety class locations across Texas.
  • Class price includes meal and refreshments.
  • Taught by professional comedians.
  • Free comedy club passes.

If the word “classroom” conjures up memories of some teacher droning on about squaring the hypotenuse or who commanded the armies in the Battle of I-Couldn’t-Care-Less while you sat tapping your yellow Number 2 pencil and struggling to stay awake, you can forget all that.
Our instructors make this class fun.
Choose your Defensive Driving Class from our CalendarSure, is a serious driving safety course, and our class covers all the required material to dismiss a ticket and help you to improve your driving skills. But there’s no reason that has to be boring!

Up-To-Date – Do you know the latest traffic laws? You will after our class.

Convenient – With classes in numerous locations every day of the week, we’ll find one that meets your needs.

Immediate – No spreading the class out over multiple days. One class session and you’re done.

Entertaining – The state requires six hours in class, but you’ll be laughing too hard to notice the time.

About the Course

Our classroom course thoroughly covers the twelve sections of the state-required curriculum for Driving Safety, including both videos and information presented by a professional comedian.

The six-hour class session is serious about covering the topic, but it’s not seriously boring. Our instructors work hard to cover the material in the most entertaining way possible. Built into the curriculum are numerous short breaks and one longer break for a meal, so the class will not seem like a test of your endurance.

As the class works through topics like difficult driving environments and defensive driving strategies, the instructors will point out important points and encourage students to take notes.

And those notes will be useful during the 25-question quiz at the end of the class. Pass this quiz with 70% or more, and we’ll get busy on your certificate right away. And if you score less than 70%, the instructor will review the information with you and give you another chance at it immediately.

Enter Your Own Certificate Information

If you’re already taking our class, you can speed up the process of printing your certificate by using this form to enter your information straight from the Student Information Form you filled out during class.

Make sure that you’ve got everything correct before you submit the form. The State of Texas requires that we charge customers a fee if we have to print a new certificate because the customer gave us incorrect information.

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