comedy guys defensive drivingFor more than 15 years, the people of ComedyGuys.com have been making fun of defensive driving.

No, wait. That didn’t sound right. Let me try again…

For more than 15 years, the people of ComedyGuys.com have been making defensive driving classes fun. As company founder Mark Cooper likes to say, “We find people learn more when they’re not snoring.” In our classes, we make it possible for Texas residents to have a good time while improving their driving skills, cleaning up their records, and lowering their insurance rates.

In 2003 the Cooper Brothers incorporated as Comedy Guys Entertainment and pulled together a team of experienced instructors to give classes in the DFW Metroplex and Tyler, using the driving safety curriculum written by A Safer Driver, Inc. Since then, tens of thousands of students have been able to get tickets dismissed and save money on insurance after laughing their way through our classes. And only a small percentage of those laughs have been at the instructors’ clothing or hairstyles.

In 2002 our company launched its new Website and renamed itself ComedyGuys.com, and in 2007 we began development of its new online driving safety course, blending the flexibility and immediacy of an Internet-based course with the thoroughness and humor of our classroom courses.

The company continues to grow, now offering defensive driving classes in Houston and making plans to spread into other cities as well. And with the launch of the online course, ComedyGuys.com will be able to help drivers all across Texas benefit from our brand of driving safety classes.

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